Essay RES 832 Topic 5 Discussion GCU

Essay RES 832 Topic 5 Discussion GCU

Essay RES 832 Topic 5 Discussion GCU

RES 832 Topic 5 Discussion GCU

Topic 5 DQ 1

Think again of the study on the influence of high school principals’ leadership styles and academic achievement in their schools in your state. The sources of data must be aligned with the research questions and study design, and they must be feasible for administration of the study. Identify five different qualitative data sources that could be used to examine participants’ experiences and perceptions about the phenomenon. Which ones are most appropriate for use with each of the GCU core qualitative research designs? What are some concerns you may have about the feasibility of using each one of the five data sources identified in the qualitative study described above?

Topic 5 DQ 2

Imagine once again that you are an automobile manufacturing executive tasked with increasing sales in your state. You wish to do a qualitative study to obtain the perspective of sales personnel regarding an incentive program you implemented at few dealerships that quantitatively proved to be successful. The three sources of data for your case study are individual semi-structured interviews, archival documents, and field observations. What are the most significant strengths and weaknesses of the methods for collecting data from these data sources? Why are these significant? What skills are needed to collect the data effectively? Explain. What concerns do you have about the feasibility of implementing these methods of data collection for this study? Explain.

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