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Port of Entry and Security

Ports of entry are critical areas that define the attractiveness of any country especially at international level. To ensure that such ports provide convenient and reliable services, there is always need for port management to streamline operations not only through port tax and trade processing measures but also the required security measures. The US has 328 ports of entry that offer customs and border protection. One such port of entry is Alcan, Alaska – 3104 which is located in Alaska and the field operation office is the Portland.

There are notable security measures that are implemented at the Alcan, Alaska – 3104 port of entry. Firstly, all the aircrafts arriving from a foreign country have to be inspected by the border patrol before landing at Eagle. Similarly, all other arrivals from foreign in Eagle have to report to the boarder patrol through a telephonic alternate reporting approach. The port of entry’s top priority is to keep terrorists and their weapons from coming into the US while seeking to protect all the travelers and business people (David, 2021).  Consequently, all the foreign visitors and the returning American citizens using this port of entry are also subject to screening. The imported cargo which enters the US at more than 300 land, air and sea ports are also subject to screening once they come through this port of entry.

Other than the Eagle airport, there is also the Northway Airport whose hours and seasonal coverage vary as per prevailing conditions. The airport requires that before landing, there is need to contact the port of Alcan two hours before arrival so that an officer on site is scheduled. Immigration inspection is also carried out at the port of entry to determine the admissibility of those seeking entry.

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