Essay NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PS

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PS

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PS
NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PS

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PS

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PeechesHeadlam

Community Resources

Communities are indeed a nation’s heart. They uphold the healthy life and the healthy environments. It is clear that governments, particularly those in developing countries, seem unable to satisfy the high expectations of respective populations in means of delivering good healthcare. Communities have a mission to bring the health and the safety community and meanwhile they aim to provide the equal opportunities for the persons to develop as the contributing members of their society. This debate will focus on about how UNICEF, a worldwide non-governmental organization, has been able to assist diverse communities around the globe. Essay NRS 493 Capstone Topic Summary

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PeechesHeadlam

The United Nations Children’s Fund (abbreviated UNICEF) was established in 1946 by United Nations General Assembly to supply to give aid food and wellbeing to women and children, particularly in war-torn countries. It changed its attention in 1950, and started focusing on protracted needs of the women and children in developing countries around the globe. UNICEF is working in almost all the countries. UNICEF depends on government and some other donor funding to carry out its mission.

Mission and Vision Statement

UNICEF’s purpose is to advocate children, safeguard their rights, to satisfy their essential necessities, and to ensure that resources are increased to allow children to feel valued in an environment that encourages such ambitions (Jolly, 2014). The goal is to make a society in which the rights, duties and the privileges of the children’s are taken care. UNICEF has recognized 5 significant goals (Cherish, Newbatt, Ng’oma, & De Zoysa, 2018), they include; 

  1. Each and every child’s right to get the Education,
  2. Having the best start in life, 
  3. Stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic in its tracks, 
  4. Protecting against other diseases and 
  5. Ending the discrimination and other forms of abuse are the five priorities for children.

Contribution to Public Health and Safety Improvements

Children are still a disregarded segment of the community because they there is nobody to support them. Children’s safety and the welfare is a worldwide problem that has sparked a lot of debate, and UNICEF works to advocate for children’s rights (Purdy, n.d.). Numerous children from all around the globe have benefited from UNICEF’s contributions to safety and health initiatives. One of its goals is the prevention against other illnesses through vaccines and immunizations, that is a key role of public healthcare (Chersich et al., 2018). There are several immunization or vaccination programmed that are provided to the general population without regard for their eligibility. UNICEF has also contributed massively to human safety by ensuring that all children have affordable approach to the healthcare. Even though the impact may appear minor, many areas across the world are severely impacted by social and natural crises such as warfare, disasters, and/or famines. Such situations provide a problem for UNICEF (Jolly, 2014).

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PeechesHeadlam

Promotion of Equal Opportunity and Improvement of Quality of Life

As previously stated the UNICEF’s major aim is to promote equal opportunity, gender equality, and equal rights for women and girls by “supporting full involvement in governmental, cultural, and economic activities in their respective communities.” (UNICEF, n.d.). we saw this in the Gender Action Plan 2018-2021, which was made by UNICEF to care the previously mentioned 5 sustainable developmental goals (UNICEF, 2019). UNICEF has indeed been capable to ensure equal opportunity by working with the professionals from all sorts of backgrounds, and it has also guaranteed that no child is refused the treatment that is offered (UNICEF, n.d.).  UNICEF achieves its one of the main goal, to enable all the children around the world to get the same and the high quality of healthcare, (Loftus & Tasker, 2017). Through the development of females higher education and training, sexual equality and accessibility to engagement and education, instruction, and educational standards will be achieved. UNICEF  is dedicated to preventing and responding to abuse against children and women, including premature and early marriages. With the enhancement of food, prenatal care, HIV prevention, and excellent prenatal care, UNICEF supports and seek to enhance gender equal health and healthy food. Simultaneously time, this organization considers topics such as equality and life enhancement. UNICEF doesnot only aim to improve the healthcare and equality, but with the same strength and enthusiasm it is also working with the a variety of people from different background, and is offerings them the equal hiring and pays which is playing a huge role in giving the equal opportunities to everyone.

Impact of Funding Sources, Policy, and Legislation

UNICEF is a non-profit organization. It receives revenue and support from the private contributors and government agencies, as previously stated. Government agencies, international organizations, foundations, the commercial sector, and citizens all contribute to UNICEF’s programes through voluntary donations. UNICEF depends on a diverse set of reliable financial sources to carry out its purpose of ensuring the rights of all children, particularly the most vulnerable (UNICEF, n.d.).  UNICEF has a strategy plan, which is driven by Sustainable Development Goals, strives to improve consistency in collaborations, as well as in the administration and management of outputs. UNICE collaborates closely with allies to create better funding sources that guarantee that single every dollar supports children throughout the world (UNICEF, n.d.).  MKT500 Assignment 3 Part C Marketing Plan

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PeechesHeadlam

UNICEF works closely with few UN subsidiary bodies to produce forums, this gives an opportunity to people where they can prompt the policies and gives them opportunity to give suggestions that how they can be transformed to put up the children’s needs, UNICEF has social policy advisers who effort to improve the collaborations at different levels of the government. As a result, there are mostly high-level conferences with different financial executives, like the the World Bank, and the other UN-affiliated establishments. These deliberations help in the recognizing different services and the skills that can have better results. The sponsor nearly entirely dictates the community’s consequences of funding decisions on policy and law; nevertheless, UNICEF can promote and offer information and data to advise some regulations, but it does not have complete control over what regulations are adopted.

Furthermore, it is clear that various nations have varying financial clout, which many may perceive as a danger to UNICEF’s mission, particularly in terms of funding (Cherish et al., 2018). When confronted with a circumstance, UNICEF recalls its basic values, which include the fact that UNICEF is focused on its capacity and requirement in assisting health services everywhere in the globe, rather than on its economic clout and financial strength, as other profit-making companies are.

Impact on the Health and Safety Needs of the Local Community

UNICEF’s activities and functions are not only performed all around the world. UNICEF has launched different programs for example in order to retort the disasters, they have hurled the UNICEF Power kids, that has aim to allow and motivates kids to become energetic and learn that how to serve the food packages to the poor and malnourished kids in different starving areas of the world (Cherisch et al., 2018). Such efforts and grounds have aided to deliver, transport and offer the food easily, and hence improving the eminence of life in those communities. 

UNICEF And the Healthcare Nurses

While it may be difficult to hear that such organizations mentioned in the same sentence as nursing, it is vital to highlight that the nursing profession is somewhat engaged in UNICEF operations than one might think. Nurses are present and perform several of UNICEF’s key responsibilities (Loftus & Tasker, 2017). Being a nurse we can do such things also by spreading the education in our local societies communities and tell them about the package and different programs that are being presented by the UNICEF, this way we can support their programs in different health and safety matters in local community. We can also raise our hands to volunteer in UNICEF programs and can support them in order to retort the disasters. For example, vaccination drives are generally laid out by nurses because they are highly trained to perform such responsibilities, as shown in various sections of this article. Nurses are urged to join the UNICEF team, where they will be able to contact with a greater number of individuals. Other global health, in addition to nurses, are encouraged to contribute more to their societies, which is a major cause for mankind’s survival.

NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PeechesHeadlam


The reputation of UNICEF’s role while concerning about the community’s health necessities cannot be inflated. It is very important to understand that the UNICEF’s goal is not to swap the local healthcare organizations and foundations, it has aim to deliver and offer more to local and domestic communities to improve, progress and advance the wellbeing of those communities. We can observe how the company has enhanced public health all through this document by staying loyal to its goal and mission statements. UNICEF cooperates efficaciously with their partners, companies, institutions, establishments and the governments to deliver the best healthcare opportunities which are impossible to achieve without them and such efforts are made to regulate and sustain any disaster, disease, pandemic/outbreaks and catastrophe. Local communities, and the poor nations, must ought to indorse strict plans, strategies and the policies to advance and bring the excellent healthcare results. Such communities and nations must work together with UNICEF programs, though enduring to deliver the healthcare to their general population/public. UNICEF is not only encouraging the equal opportunity, but it is also involved in imparting and indorsing the diversity, that tells us that UNICEF does not only safeguards the healthcare of people, but it also come to be involved in different perilous community and public problems and concerns that may or may not come under the category of healthcare.


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NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PeechesHeadlam

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NURS FPX4060 Assessment 2 Community Resources PS

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