Essay LOG 302 Module 1 Case Assignment TUI

Essay LOG 302 Module 1 Case Assignment TUI

Essay LOG 302 Module 1 Case Assignment TUI
Essay LOG 302 Module 1 Case Assignment TUI

LOG 302 Module 1 Case Assignment TUI

Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Ask, “What’s the difference between a warehouse and distribution center?” and you’ll get different answers. Move on to the array of technology available to automate and track materials in this part of the supply chain and beyond, which is evolving at a rapid pace. Experts point to cost savings through effective inventory management and innovative technology to maintain a competitive edge which have been embraced by leaders in the field.

We covered the labor force during this week’s Discussion and location decisions in SLP 1. Let us move on to what is going on inside warehouse/distribution centers and the important functions they play in the supply chain.

Case Assignment

Begin with the background readings to provide a foundation, and then research at least three diverse technologies that are being used in warehouses/distribution centers that help manage and track inventory and product within the facility, including those that are employed down the supply chain.

  • Discuss the three technologies, and then add an overview of initial costs and cost savings, if applicable. Include information on how these technologies affect human workers with regard to job displacement, safety, etc. Finally, discuss the software that supports functions within the facility for each new tech item.
  • The discussion for each technology should be 1 page in length.

Resources should be no more than three years old for this Case because the industry is changing rapidly and the goal is to remain relevant throughout your career.

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