Essay BIO 101 Module 1 Case TUI

Essay BIO 101 Module 1 Case TUI

Essay BIO 101 Module 1 Case TUI
Essay BIO 101 Module 1 Case TUI

BIO 101 Module 1 Case TUI

Your Assignment:

  1. What is life? Research six specimens from the list below, describe them as living, nonliving, or dead and give support for why each belongs in their respective category.
Brown grassWhale spermHIV virus
Fertilized chicken eggHair from human headPrion
Egg from grocery storeSkin cell from back of handAmoeba
Blood cellMushroomCoral reef
  1. What traits did you list as characteristics of living things, but were not easily observable?
  2. List several processes that occur while an organism is alive, but cease when it is dead.
  3. Did any nonliving things possess some of the same characteristics as living things? Which ones?
  4. How do plants differ from animals in their life activities?
  5. Define the word dormant. What factors influence whether something is considered dormant?
  6. Research one of the following controversial discoveries: nanobacteria (Young & Martel, 2009), the “fossilized Martian bacteria” observed on the meteorite ALH84001 (McKay et al., 1996), or Craig Venter’s 2010 announcement of the first creation of “synthetic life” (Gibson et al., 2010). Review the claims made by the researchers who announced the discovery. Do the organisms fit the definition of life? How so?

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