Week 2 Essay – Supporting View: Pro-choice Late-Term Abortion

You will use the topic that you selected in Week 1 for this paper. Continue your search in GMC’s library and find three (3) additional articles (peer-reviewed and full text) that SUPPORT (agree with) your stance (point of view) on the topic you chose. (Non-credible sources should not be used.) Summarize each article in paragraph form, specifically indicating how the authors\’ conclusions support your point of view on the topic. Discuss the inferences the authors made in these articles to reach their conclusion. You should start to think about why you support their views and how this might strengthen your rough draft (week 5). This is the first half of your research paper (supporting views). This paper should be at least 500 words of text (Works Cited page does NOT count in the word count). You will now have at least 3 credible sources on your Works Cited page.

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