POLI 330N Week 4 Assignment: Electoral College – Good or Bad?

POLI 330N Week 4 Assignment: Electoral College – Good or Bad?

Chamberlain University

27 Mar 2021

Electoral College

  •  The purpose of electoral college
  •  The president is NOT chosen by popular vote
  •  Electors pledge to vote for specific candidates
  •  Winner takes all except Maine & Nebraska

Presidential Election of 2000 – Background

  •  Bill Clinton, the incumbent President, was vacating 
  •  American presidential election held on Nov. 7, 2000
  •  Ten candidates competed in the election
  •  There were 538 members of the Electoral College
  •  270 was the majority number
  •  Hanging chads’ and butterfly ballots created controversy

Presidential Election of 2000 – Results

The Popular Vote

Al Gore50,996,039

George W. Bush 50,456,141

The Electoral Vote

George W. Bush271

Al Gore 267

Why the debate?

  •  The result of 2016 presidential election highlight the issue with electoral college
  •  Is the Electoral College method JUST? 
  •  Is the Electoral College RELEVANT now? 
  •  It acts as a PRAGMATIC METHOD to just compromise
  •  EC has backfired and continues to backfire

The issues with EC

  •  It is no longer relevant
  •  Some states have more power especially swing states
  •  No proper distribution of votes based on population and demographics
  •  Unfairness, because individuals’ votes are not equally weighted

The issues with EC

  •  Rogue electors
  •  Capitol hill incident indicate irresponsible demagogues in office
  •  Will of people will be ignored

Reform for Electoral College

  •  Weightage for votes should be included to limit representatives from voting for self benefit
  •  All votes should be equally counted
  • Distribution of electoral votes among states should be optimized
  • Eliminate electors but still count electoral votes

POLI 330N Week 4 Assignment: Electoral College – Good or Bad?

Reform Plans for Electoral College

  •  The Proportional Plan
  • The Automatic Plan
  • The District Plan
  •  Choose the president by direct popular election


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POLI 330N Week 4 Assignment: Electoral College – Good or Bad?

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