Essay Theory for Nursing Failure

Essay Theory for Nursing Failure

Essay Theory for Nursing Failure
Essay Theory for Nursing Failure

Describe Theory for Nursing Failure

Thank you for your response! I agree that one can really feel the presence of Jean Watson philosophy! It took me a while to get my brain thinking in a theoretical mode and how exactly theories are applied. I know that my actions are reflections of theories, yet it is hard to get the metaphorical ball rolling when thinking about actually how that plays out in real life. Jean Watson’s theory centers around the patient and embracing and tending to all of their needs holistically (Pajnkihar, Stiglic, & Vrbnjak, 2017). I work in the outpatient surgery area, primarily GE and what first came to mind when thinking about how theory is applied without us nurses thinking about it is simply giving patients warm blankets when we are getting them ready for their procedures. The colon prep usually cools their body temperature down and we keep the hospital very cold, so giving them a warm blanket is usually their favorite part of the whole ordeal (second of course only to going home). Another example is something we do called “surrounding the patient with care,’ which involves asking the patient about their personal life, if there is anything that they would like us to know. People love to talk about their pets, loved ones, favorite activities or hobbies. Sometimes just showing the patient that you care enough to ask them about their personal life can really make a difference in their attitude and psychological disposition.

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Theory for Nursing Failure

I too had similar thoughts regarding theories when initially doing this assignment. Although the knowledge that theories are of importance was instilled in our minds during fundamentals class in nursing school, this however was the first and last time this topic was focused on. Reflecting now on your statement and my current practice, it is exactly as you stated, although we may not realize it, the art of nursing and the care we provide are based on these very theories. For example, taking a look at the Watson’s theory of human caring, the focus is primarily on ensuring that there is a balance between the health and illness a person experiences. Within the theory Watson states that a holistic should used when caring Ozan, Okumus, & Lash, 2015). This is the same approach we as nurses strive to do. Caring for patients as a whole person and not just a their current medical diagnosis. Ensuring that all their needs are addressed appropriately.


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