Essay SOC-449 Topic 7 DQs GCU

Essay SOC-449 Topic 7 DQs GCU

Essay SOC-449 Topic 7 DQs GCU
Essay SOC-449 Topic 7 DQs GCU

SOC-449 Topic 7 DQs GCU

Topic 7 DQ 1

Post three immeasurable goals. After reading all the goals, select two of your classmates’ immeasurable goals that they posted and change them to measurable goals. Post them to the discussion forum.

Discuss how you might help a client go from an immeasurable goal to a measurable one. Which of the goals were the most difficult to change and why? Explain the benefit of measurable goals to the client’s progress.

Topic 7 DQ 2

After completing the mock intake interview of your “client,” discuss the following:

What part of the interview process was most beneficial for you as a future social worker? Evaluate your engagement techniques: explain what worked and what didn’t. How can you improve your interviewing techniques? If you were working with an actual client, what alternative steps would you take to determine treatment and an intervention based on a particular problem of your client? How would you determine the next steps in the process? Custom SOC-449 Topic 7 DQs GCU

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