ESSAY RES 831 Topic 1 Assignment GCU

ESSAY RES 831 Topic 1 Assignment GCU

ESSAY RES 831 Topic 1 Assignment GCU
ESSAY RES 831 Topic 1 Assignment GCU

RES 831 Topic 1 Assignment GCU

Topic 1 SPSS Download and Install

Assessment Description

The use of software to assist with statistical computation is the norm when completing a quantitative dissertation. While software programs will not perform the data analysis for the researcher, programs such as IBM’s Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) are robust tools that can significantly reduce the manual labor required allowing the doctoral candidate to focus on the analysis of the data. In this assignment, you will download and install SPSS and begin to familiarize yourself with the user interface for use in future assignments. The installation is typically straight forward and can be accomplished in just several minutes. If you prefer not to download and install the software to your computer, you can run SPSS from the GCU Citrix server.


Clickhereto access the download file located on the Technical Support Help Center page and begin the installation. Follow the instructions to download and install the software. 

When prompted, enter thesoftware access key

Once installed, clickhereto view an SPSS introductory video which provides an overview of both the user interface and the basic system functionality.

After viewing the video, start SPSS and experiment with the user interface. The time spent in familiarizing yourself with the interface will be beneficial when completing the SPSS assignment next week.

To complete the assignment, copy the SPSS home screen by taking a screenshot and pasting it into a Word document. For instructions on taking a screenshot, please clickhere.  At the top of the document, add your name and the statement, “I am attaching a screen capture indicating that I have downloaded and installed SPSS onto my computer.”  Note: If your output is large, you may need to reduce the size by compressing it. For instructions on how to compress a file, please clickhere.

Save the document to your computer being sure to include your name in the file name.

Submit the saved Word document to the Topic 1 assignment drop box.

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