Essay NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

Essay NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

Essay NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR
Essay NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

Nursing Options in Job Market

As, nurses work in multiple care units, emergencies, geriatric nurses, pediatric nurses, general nurses, palliative care nurses, etc. I will work ‘where the nursing help is required. The practice areas may depend upon the personal choice or expertise of the nurse in leading a positive change and providing efficient, safe, and quality health care provisions.  After getting my education credentials I will get licensed or certified by the American Nurses Association. After maintaining an active license of practice under the nurse practice act. I will be analyzing my skills and interests to work in the profession. Later, I will have options to work as a registered nurse in the health care units, or in a clinical setting.

NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

 I also have an option to work as a private nurse or family nurse, working independently on basis of contracts. Nurses can also work for acute and chronic illnesses; gerontology acute care nurses work for aging-related illnesses. Ambulatory nurses can work for the outpatients without the involvement of the organizational aspects. Community nursing services are also demanded with the increase in public health diseases. The other health care settings provide a salaried basis financial provision. A nurse can work independently as well as in the healthcare facility of primary and secondary care. A nurse can also work as a midwife in the health care setup. In the diverse changing health care system, the scope of the overlapping responsibilities of the nurses keeps evolving. It generates new dynamics of the requirement of nursing units.

Essay NRS 440 VN Topic 4 Advocacy Through Legislation KR

Advanced Program/Degrees, Scope, and Ethics 

The online educational programs enhance the knowledge reach and allow the privileges within the scope of practice.  It is offering the MS in Nursing (MSN) program that is m interested in. I will be joining the MSN practitioner program and work on the Family nursing knowledge provisions. This program is offered online and ranked in the top 25 programs in the country. It will enable me to be a nursing health is a leader with a wide range of options. The integration of the leadership in the medicinal fields is also incorporated into his program that enables me to develop the patient care models, evaluate and implement new technological tools, and be innovative in the health care practice at the same time. The MSN, curriculum will involve leading a staff of health care team, create and suggest policies and procedures of health care change, and suggest financial decisions. The MSN Family Nurse Program (FNP) offers health care management in diverse clinical units and diverse stages of life. It also provides an interprofessional knowledge approach related to pharmacology, diagnostic, assembles, management research. I am choosing this program because it provides a holistic research and practice approach to study. 

Role of Nurses

NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

The role of nursing in the primary and secondary health care provisions is increasing. The demand for better, effective, and efficient health care measures requires an optimization of the educational provisions of the nursing medical institutes The analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that nurses are the backbone of health care units. World Health Organization has highlighted the scarcity of working nurses in the health institutes, currently, only 28 million nurses are working worldwide, with more gaps of shortage in Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America (WHO, 2021). American Nurses Association (ANA) has also addressed the shortage of nursing staff at the hospitals of America. The affordable care act is enhancing the access of people to health care services in an affordable range. This may arise the prospects of the future career as well as educational turnovers of the nursing profession. 

Education in Nursing

The diverse and crucial role of nurses the health care practices require a consistent evolution and progression of the professional arena of nursing. Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends a diverse optimization of the nursing education, pieces of training, practice options, interprofessional coordination, and policymaking as well as workforce planning. It requires skilled and effective leadership, diverse stakeholder involvement, and a large data collection of informative data (IOM, 2018). The 2-year initiative of the IOM in 2008, for the future of Nursing, emphasized the optimization of every structural and practice step.  It issued a recommendation in changing the training by giving a full extent of education, advanced education provisions, and practice progressions. The practice skills were also recommended to be polished by the interprofessional coordination with the physicians and other health professionals. It also recommended the effective policymaking and data collection of the informative aspects to achieve a better understanding of the practice strategies. IOM has improvised the educational provisions in nursing in 2010, by providing a large number of online educational programs. Ass, the first provision of the recommendations was to remove the barriers in the scope of practice. 

Importance of Advanced Education

Increasing my level of education would be helpful to get diverse information and practice skills. The MSN training program will enable me with the evidence-based research knowledge and ability to practice it in the best of efficient, safe, and effective health care provisions for the patients. The leadership qualities developed after the advanced training would help me to make decisions in critical times and enable me to create coordination and communication with the health care team members. 

The continuity of the nursing education from eh basics of bachelor to the master’s and doctoral degree program certification enables the nurse to achieve an integrated research and practice approach. It develops leadership qualities and enhances practice skills. The technology in health is advancing and such academic training will provide a complete analysis of the information. The ANA established scope of practice

The Nursing Practice Act provides the licensing and certification to the nurses for practice in the primary and secondary health care units. It enables them to work according to the policies and guidelines issued by eh respective health care organizations. It provides a complete structure of the practice under the code of ethics to preserve patient-centered patient-centered care (ANA, 2021). 


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NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

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Essay NRS 440 VN Topic 3 Reflection Paper KR

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