Essay NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT
NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

Reflective Essay


The values of leadership competence shape the standards of practice for Master Practice Nursing. Through this reflective essay, I will learn to identify two of my personal strength in leadership competency which is self-awareness and transparency, and how these strength positively influence others ad cultivate a healthy work environment. I will also learn to identify two weaknesses for opportunities for enhancement with respect to leadership competencies, which is communication skills and self-confidence, and how these competencies will impact my role as a nurse informatic. 

Personal Leadership Competencies

According to The American Organization of Nurse Executives, the core competencies of any role in master prepared nurses are knowledge, communication skills, leadership, professionalism, and business skills. In order to fulfill any of the execute role, the nurse manager must possess one of these professional standards of practice. The first utmost important sstrength toward strong and competence leadership which I have possess is self-awareness. Based on week-3 lesson, self-awareness is defined as demonstrating an understanding of how people are, recognizing their leadership and their surrounding world. This also has reflected as one of my best qualities as a nurse, I take time to step back and recognize my values, morals, and ethic. I have learned to be aware different personal beliefs and attitudes, and that would not stand against those who I care for. Self-awareness can increment nurses’ certainty in overseeing challenging circumstances and giving socially competent cares to patients from different background and religious belief (Younas, Rasheed, Sundus, & Inayat, 2020). 

My second strength is being transparency. It’s go hand in hand with self-awareness. I believe most people perceive me as a trustworthy individual. I am genuine with my patients, co-workers, family, and friends. If you ask me certain questions, I would answer as my best of knowledge unless privacy involved. This helps build strong rapport with patients and co-workers. Being transparence also helps reduce work or personal related problems. For instance: If my patient is complaining that he/she does not like my peripheral IV insertion skills, then I would report the exact complaint to the doctor or upper management therefore they can assign someone else to finish the task. However, some nurses may feel personal and targeted when someone said they did not like something about you. Therefore, when they report to doctor or upper management about patient complaints, the message is not being clear or transparent as it should have been. Essay NR504-10921 Week 7 Leadership Style and Change Advocacy Statement Part II

NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

The two leadership competencies for which there is an opportunity for growth and enhancement are my interpersonal communication skills and being more confidence. Interpersonal communication skills are one the toughness skill to achieve. One could excel in corporate relationship, patient-nurse relationship, and still mange to fail in personal relationship. Good communication skill is the backbone to leadership competency. The capacity to communicate with clarity and reason is the key to individual and professional accomplishment. However, I have not learned to communicate to inspire, motivate, and persuade those around me to achieve objective goals. I often time feel my subordinates need serious convincing to finish certain tasks. I need to sugarcoat to my patient care technician for a simple task such as taking vital signs from their patients. As I pondering why such behavior occurs, I am lack of confidence in my leadership style. I think as nurses we learn to be compassion and therapeutic communicator, and that is very contrast with effective and strong leader communication style, their voice tend to be heard louder, words are more precise, sound more authoritative, and assertive to their audiences. I also think the title of a “manager” or “leader” gives one more respect and confident when one speaks. 

Implications for Advanced Nursing Practice

Self-awareness is part of the emotional intelligence; the result demonstrates that knowing own self can help reduce the stress caused by work overload and role conflict. Another benefit of being self-aware is work burnout. Many researches resulted the implication of work stress related in many organizations are related to organization growth, performance, and turnover (Naveed, 2020). Effective self-care would be great implication toward mastered prepared nursing because as nurse leader, we have to handle tremendous of stress everyday weather it’s from our subdoniates or higher management levels everyday. To be aware of our limitations lead us to be more self-caring, ultimately this will help us maintaining a work/life balance. As we have discussed in week -3 café discussion, self-care is essential in being an effective leader, we need a physical and mental break so often to let our mind relax and rejuvenate. As a future nurse leader, I learn to be aware of my own limitations. I learn to be good to my own body. Eat healthier, exercise more, and take mental break when I need it. 

As a future nurse informatics, rational transparency is imperative to authentic leadership. The implication of transparency to my future role is impeccable. Annually, the International Medicine Informatics Association (IMIA) selected a topic to review and focus on and last year 2020, they specialize their topic on “Ethics in Health informatics.” (EHI). Merriam Webster defined ethics as morals characterized as ethical standards that oversee a person’s behavior and or conducting a movement. Ethics in health informatics have advanced in biomedical informatics including wide utilization of Electronics Health Records (EHRs) within in the interdisciplinary team requires the need for data transferring/sharing, and the wide range of data sharing put our privacy at risks, system breach, and confidentiality issues. This is when “transparency” not only in leadership style but also system sharing needs to be more transparency on apps for effectiveness, reduce biased in system discrimination, and guarantee trustworthiness (Séroussi, Hollis, & Soualmia, 2020).

NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT


In conclusion, I have recognized individual strength of self-awareness and transparency, and I also have the opportunity to renowned my weaknesses. There will be roomed for improvement to be more assertive with workshop and career advancement. Communication is going to be life-long learning opportunity, and I will learn to perfect my leadership communication through practice and workshop. The implications of my leadership competency in my advanced role will lead me to be more self-caring and using transparency in computer system streamline patient data sharing. 


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NR504-10921 Week 3 Reflective Essay LT

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