Essay MGT 412 Module 3 Discussion TUI

Essay MGT 412 Module 3 Discussion TUI

Essay MGT 412 Module 3 Discussion TUI
Essay MGT 412 Module 3 Discussion TUI

MGT 412 Module 3 Discussion TUI

Discussion Topic

Please think about your own experiences disciplining and/or discharging employees. Or, think about your own discipline/discharge experiences with you as the employee, or stories about employee discipline and/or discharge from your friends or relatives.

Your First Post:

Once you settle on an experience, describe it to your colleagues. Discuss what you think went right in the experience. What went wrong? Consider it from the HR/Organization perspective, the employee and the supervisor perspective. How could the processes have been improved?

Your Subsequent Posts:

Read through the responses by your peers and post responses to at least two classmates’ posts. Bring in ideas/comments and/or research/readings not mentioned yet.

Remember: To receive full credit in this forum, you need to post a minimum of three quality posts (your own initial post, and responses to two classmates). If you borrow from subject matter experts (authors, speakers, etc.), be sure to give them credit by citing sources.

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