Essay LOG 302 Module 2 SLP Assignment TUI

Essay LOG 302 Module 2 SLP Assignment TUI

Essay LOG 302 Module 2 SLP Assignment TUI
Essay LOG 302 Module 2 SLP Assignment TUI

LOG 302 Module 2 SLP Assignment TUI

Mode of Domestic Transportation in Logistics

Road, rail, marine, and air transport in U.S. logistics have been the main options. Today, newer technologies have expanded each of the categories beyond the usual alternatives. The Department of Transportation approved driverless technology for local delivery. The possibility of 30-minute delivery calls for the use of robots and drones. Some other tech is being patented and might be realized in the future. Other companies are looking at delivery robots. Even low-tech ideas like “cargo bikes” are being used in large cities.

SLP Assignment

  • Beginning with the background readings to provide a foundation, create a bullet list of the pros and cons of domestic road, rail, marine, and air transport in logistics. (Citations are required.)
    The list should be one, single-spaced page in length.
  • Using research beyond the lecture and readings, provide two real-world examples of novel modes of delivery being used, tested, or proposed and how they could affect the industry regarding technology, workers, customer service, costs, etc.
    The discussion for each new technology should be three-quarters of a page in length.

Resources should be no more than three years old for this case because the industry is changing rapidly, and the goal is to remain relevant throughout your career.

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