Essay HA 610 Unit 7 Complete Work Herzing University

Essay HA 610 Unit 7 Complete Work Herzing University

Essay HA 610 Unit 7 Complete Work Herzing University
Essay HA 610 Unit 7 Complete Work Herzing University

HA 610 Unit 7 Complete Work Herzing University

HA 610 Unit 7 Discussion

Please share your research, experience, and thoughts: In today’s society, we are dealing with a New Era, health care access and coverage for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community in the United States are on the rise. While these changes are expected to increase health insurance coverage and access for LGBT individuals and their families, many challenges and questions remain, including:

What will be the impact of state policy choices on access and coverage?

How will new protections against discrimination be translated into practice and where do gaps remain?

Now that gay marriage is legal in most states, is the more conservative institution of healthcare positioned for this change?

Should this group become a protected class under law?

**Note that some states are designing legislation to abolish counseling for transgender individuals–which tends to always fail. Should policy simply be to provide “treatment” and surgery for these individuals? Recently a transgender teen threw herself in front of a bus and died because her counseling had failed–and surgery seemed farther away.

HA 610 Unit 7 Assignment Capstone Demonstration on Policies and Regulations


In this unit you have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and insight of health policy at a “capstone level.” Please visit one of the health care management or nursing feedback websites, and read one or more current or past regulations or policies—and with your enlightened understanding on how important it is that regulations and policies be kept “current” in the context of our rapidly changing society and health care system, post a feedback remark onto a site of your choice (examples below); and to earn points for this assignment, save and upload comment(s) you posted. Make sure that your comment(s) are substantive and articulately expressed. Consequently, post no fewer than 250 words and no more than 500 words of verbiage to the site. Copy/paste your remarks onto a Word document and submit them to the Unit 7 Assignment. Be sure to include a title page and a reference list—if references were used to support your post.

You can use any of the websites listed below or a different website.

Enjoy the fact that you’ve added viable input to entities where positive “change” can be considered and quite possibly implemented.

Evaluation Criteria

50 points – Content

20 points – Presentation

Assignment Resources

Office for Human Research Protections (Links to an external site.) [Website] (Links to an external site.) [Website]

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Links to an external site.) [Website]

American Nurses Association (Links to an external site.) [Website]

US National Library of Medicine (Links to an external site.) [Website]

US Department of Veterans Affairs (Links to an external site.) [Website]

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