Essay ECS 565 All Discussions GCU

Essay ECS 565 All Discussions GCU

Essay ECS 565 All Discussions GCU
Essay ECS 565 All Discussions GCU

ECS 565 All Discussions GCU

ECS 565 Week 1 DQ 1

When working with children in a Birth to Pre-K setting, discuss 2-3 strategies you can use to help guide children into developing relationships and exhibiting pro-social behaviors.

ECS 565 Week 2 DQ 1

Discuss the influence that sensory stimulation has on infant-toddler development. How would you address this in the physical environment of your classroom?

ECS 565 Week 3 DQ 1

Explain the difference between direct and indirect child guidance. Which has the most influence on behavior management? Which do you prefer to use? Explain.

ECS 565 Week 4 DQ 1

Discuss strategies for recording observations objectively. Why is it important for you to be objective in your observations? What can you do to make sure you are being objective?

ECS 565 Week 5 DQ 1

Discuss 2-3 strategies that could help Birth to Pre-K students develop authentic self-esteem.

ECS 565 Week 6 DQ 1

Discuss social behaviors that an infant or toddler might exhibit if he or she was under stress. What are 1-2 coping strategies that can help a child manage stress?

ECS 565 Week 7 DQ 1

Discuss 2-3 factors in a young child’s growth that contribute to challenging behavior. What resource in your placement can help provide a student and his or her family with services related to managing challenging behavior?

ECS 565 Week 8 DQ 1

What are the four steps in the decision-making model for child guidance? How can you use this in your classroom?

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