Essay CSIS 312 Assignment 2 Employee Class

Essay CSIS 312 Assignment 2 Employee Class

Essay CSIS 312 Assignment 2 Employee Class
Essay CSIS 312 Assignment 2 Employee Class

CSIS 312 Assignment 2 Employee Class

In chapter 9 of your Deitel & Deitel text, you studied an inheritance hierarchy in which class BasePlusCommissionEmployee inherited from class CommissionEmployee. However, not all types of employees are CommissionEmployees.

In this exercise, you’ll create a more general Employee superclass that factors out the attributes and behaviors in class CommissionEmployee that are common to all Employees. The common attributes and behaviors for all Employees are firstName, lastName, socialSecurityNumber, getFirstName, getLastName, getSocialSecurityNumber and a portion of method toString.

Create a new superclass Employee that contains these instance variables and methods and a constructor.

Class CommissionEmployee’s constructor should invoke class Employee’s constructor and CommissionEmployee’s toString method should invoke Employee’s toString method.

Once you’ve completed these modifications, run the BasePlusCommissionEmployeeTest app using these new classes to ensure that the app still displays the same results for a BasePlusCommission Employee object.

Make sure that your screen shots show your program running and that your runtime display shows that your program does all that is required of it. You only get credit for what you demonstrate.

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