Essay ANT 100 Module 2 Case Assignment TUI

Essay ANT 100 Module 2 Case Assignment TUI

Essay ANT 100 Module 2 Case Assignment TUI
Essay ANT 100 Module 2 Case Assignment TUI

ANT 100 Module 2 Case Assignment TUI

Assignment Overview

Scientists have known for some time that stress can aggravate physical or mental illnesses. We also know that stress is also associated with an increased risk for such mental and physical illnesses such as:

  • Depression
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Breast Cancer
  • Headache

During the normal stress response, the nervous system and endocrine systems respond. Chronic stress can result in continued response of these systems, especially in regard to hormone release, which can impact other body systems.

Case Assignment

Choose one of the disorders below to research.

Describe the current research that supports how stress contributes to the effects of the disorder (3 or 4 well-developed paragraphs).

How does your chosen stress-related disorder affect short- and long-term health? Consider impact on endocrine, nervous and other body systems (3 or 4 well-developed paragraphs).

What can be done to prevent and/or treat your chosen stress-related disorder? (2 or 3 well-developed paragraphs).

Draw conclusions about how to avoid these stress-related disorders (1 well-developed paragraph).

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