Describe how the special English technique can make it easier to communicate clearly with foreigners and why cultural sensitivity plays an important role when conducting business abroad

Language plays an important role in passing the message to the intended audience. The type of language chosen for communication should be mutually understood between the two parties during the conversation process. It would be a challenge to have a fruitful engagement if the language of communication is not common to both parties.

Sentences in EnglishTranslated to FrenchTranslated back to English
We are all doing fineNous allons tous bien  We’re all fine  
We are a reflection of our thoughts  Nous sommes le reflet de nos pensées  We are the reflection of our thoughts  
Let us appreciate natureApprécions la nature  Appreciate nature  

After translating the sentences back to English from French, the sentences tend to have a slight change in the meaning. The original meaning of the sentences in English, has changed due to some words that have been lost during the translation process. For instance, in the last sentence, the original sentence was, let us appreciate nature. The sentence asks for a collective responsibility in responding to nature. However, the sentence translated from French puts it plainly and does not give the holistic responsibility in appreciating nature.

The special English technique allows communicating with foreigners since translation can be done to any language which is appropriate for the target audience. Cultural sensitivity plays an important role when undertaking business abroad since it ensures that one respects other cultures and as such, communication with other people is born out of respect for their culture (David, 2021). An understanding of culture also allows one to build more meaningful relationships that is devoid of over expectations and reduced communication barriers. Furthermore, being culturally sensitive reduced the risks of misuse of words and phrases in any communication context.

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