Essay CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 5

Essay CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 5

Essay CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 5
Essay CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 5

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 5

In this assignment, you are to design an application, which will manage a listing of missionaries on staff at the Organization Go and Tell. The company has several specifications for this application. This application must be able to display two of the organizations files that contain the missionaries in the field and the missionaries waiting for assignment. The application must be able to sort the display. When a new missionary is added to the organization the application must have the ability to accept this addition. When a missionary retires from the organization, the application must remove the missionary from the appropriate file. The organization would like the application to display the number of missionaries in the field and in waiting while the program is running. Please see below for more specifications on the application.

Helpful hints:

  1. Design your form as depicted in the diagram below.
  2. The text files needed for this assignment should be placed in the bin\debug folder of the project. Note that you will not have a starting text file for either. Your program should create it when it doesn’t exist the first time it runs.
  3. ***You must include Your name, instructor as one of the default missionary names. Please use the example below to see how it should be displayed. This is a requirement or your application will not be accepted. There must be at least 10 names included for the missionaries when creating the files from the application.
  4. Add the Company name at the top of the application
  5. Before displaying the contents of the MissionaryInWiating and MissionarInField files in the initial load, make sure the files exist first. You will need to use the IO.File.Exists method in your checks.
  6. Your program will then populate the In Field listbox with the names of the missionaries listed in the MissionaryInField text file and populate the In Waiting listbox with the missionaries listed in the MissionaryInWaiting text file.
  7. When a missionary is being sent to the field, the program should move it from the “MissionaryInWaiting.” textfile into the “MissionaryInField” textfile.
  8. When a missionary is done with his/her mission work the application must be able to remove the name from the “MissionaryInField” textfile into the “MissionaryInWaiting” textfile.
  9. The contents of the two text files should be displayed in listboxes when the application starts. After each “update”, the listboxes should be cleared and refreshed with the changes shown from the file.
  10. Your application should also have a button to add more missionaries to the “MissionariesInWaiting “ text file. Your application will accept an item through user input and add it to the MissionariesInWaiting file and refresh the approriate listbox.
  11. Your application should also have a button to delete the missionary completely from the file the name is stored in. The application must check a name is selected before deleting.
  12. The application will use the listbox count feature to display the number of missionaries for each file. This must be refreshed each time the file is updated.
  13. The sort Button will sort both list boxes in ascending order. A quit button should be included to exit the application.
  14. Do NOT use arrays to populate the listboxes, but instead, use LINQ queries that read directly from the text files.
  15. Use the StreamWriter in conjunction with IO.File.AppendText to and IO.File.CreateText to append new directories and create new text files. (Note: You will need to use the WriteLine method to write the name of the new file to each text file.)
  16. Use good programming practices by clearing the listboxes before refreshing them when a change is made that affects their contents.
  17. Remember to close the files after accessing them.
  18. To remove a listing from a directory, you want to select only those records in the file that are not the one the user wants to remove.
  19. Include appropriate error checking (i.e. check to make sure something has been selected in one of the listboxes before trying to move it to the other listbox.).
  20. Use appropriate naming conventions for all controls and variables. Make sure the form has a title. Include appropriate internal documentation (i.e. comments in your code).

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